Tuesday 29 October 2019   9:00 – 13:00   Workshop - Language: English

Digital Twin, Predictive Maintenance and Simulation Process Data Management

An Interactive Workshop for Industrial Managers focused on the business benefits of Digital Twin, Predictive Maintenance and Simulation Process Data Management

Fostering innovation is now more accessible than ever, thanks to digitalization. Shared engineering knowledge, simulation-based monitoring, diagnosis and predictive maintenance can empower design, development and operation phases and open new business opportunities.

Digital Twins (virtual copies of physical assets) are the key enablers of industrial digitalization and powerful masterminds for sustainable innovation.
Internet of Things simplifies the collection of real time data from products/processes and their comparison with the predictive behavior of the corresponding Digital Twin. This enriches the knowledge of what happens in the field.

Digital Twins speed up the understanding of how physical products, machines and processes work, and make it easier to predict and optimize performances over the whole lifecycle.

Tires are the only part of vehicles in contact with the road, playing an important role in meeting the performance requirements of trucks but they are the least connected part of vehicle. The race is on to deliver greater safety, increased fuel efficiency and longer tire life.

This interactive workshop, organized by EnginSoft in collaboration with SAP and ESTECO, will bring together experts - both final users and tool providers - from various industrial fields with the aim to outline and discuss key challenges and opportunities associated to Digital Twins and data-driven solutions.

This event is by invitation only.



Technological Partnership


Digital Twin from the Engineering Woman World


Introduction to Workshop Topics


Live Demo of a Pump Digital Twin


Hands-On: Scenario and Business Target


Stand-up speech coffee-break: DT of a Greenhouse for Life on Mars


Hands-On: Technological Roadmap Implementation


VOLTA Platform as a Digital Twin Enabler


Full Product Cycle DT Deployment: from Design to Operations


Wrap-up and Close
This workshop is organized by EnginSoft in collaboration with SAP and ESTECO and with the support of TIPIC: